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January 2012

As we come into 2012, it is a turbulent year… folks running for president, promising things… that we know they won’t do. The evening news is to say the least depressing. So how can we combat all that?? Come pick up a paint brush and get connected. You can loose an afternoon or a day […]

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Summer 2010

Summer is upon us… However we need to keep those paint brushes burnin. Remember the scramble last Christmas when we didn’t have everybody a present that we wanted under the tree?? If you make your list now, we can have the tree full by Christmas!!!! lol Summer really is a busy time, but we need […]

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February 2008

Well it’s official… the DP is out!! I have to say the Lord really blesses you right. I thank Him for the blessing of being put into such a prestigious book. Now it’s time to get to work on those other mules… I have several pics from the mule pull to work with. So it […]

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December 2007

Merry Christmas, we can say that right? I think it’s fun just to go into the stores, and say “Merry Christmas” just to see their faces light up. Sometimes they can’t say it first, but if we do they can reply with a smile on their face!! Sometimes it’s just the simple things. The store […]

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January 2007

Things have really changed a lot in a year!!! WOW!!! Richard & I got married on January 28th of 2006! In May we sold the nursery, and decided to move to north Alabama. The Lord has been with us the whole way, because it sure has been a whirlwind! LOL we bought the house in […]

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