… are Back!

Right now I have classes:

  • Tuesday morning 9-12
  • Wednesday morning 9-12 in Scottsboro
  • Wednesday afternoon 1-3 in Scottsboro
  • Wednesday night 4-8
  • Thursday night 4-7

If a special time or class is needed we will add it. Classes in Scottsboro are at the senior center, on Wednesday mornings for a 3 hour class. Beginner classes will also start then, for a 2 hour class.

Here’s just a taste of what will be offered:

~ One Stroke
~ Portrait classes
~ Advanced portraits
~ Painting from photos
~ Design Your Own Class

We are having fun now! Come on down and join us!

In the meanwhile, take a look at more photos from the topiary class, and some other photos of classes we’ve already had!

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