December 2007

Merry Christmas, we can say that right? I think it’s fun just to go into the stores, and say “Merry Christmas” just to see their faces light up. Sometimes they can’t say it first, but if we do they can reply with a smile on their face!! Sometimes it’s just the simple things.

The store is closed… and kinda moved. The studio is finally straightened up, and where I can find things at least some of the time. But it”s getting better. All good things take time. RIght??

The mules were repainted and off to SDP on time…. whew. They are to come out in the new Jan issue, this one will be the first with the bigger size magazine. So it’s official they will be in there. I’m just still not sure how I ended up in there, except to say when the Lord blesses you, he does it in a really big way. The newspaper (Weekly Post) has stated that when the magazine comes out, they will do a story on me… oh my.

Classes are up and going, more to be added as needed. (after that newspaper story… well who knows). They are still taught in a fun and relaxed setting. I now have my pot belly stove in place, so things will be warm and toasty for the winter months. No freezing fingers.

So come by and check out the studio, nursery, and the “farm” as things are always changin….

Keep on paintin


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