February 2008

Mule Painting for the SDPWell it’s official… the DP is out!! I have to say the Lord really blesses you right. I thank Him for the blessing of being put into such a prestigious book.

Now it’s time to get to work on those other mules… I have several pics from the mule pull to work with. So it should be fun. The studio is up and running… classes are being held and havin fun. We are working on some grisaille pieces and a zebra right now.

So come join the fun!!

We have a new venture… we are opening up a salvage grocery store here at the house. We are beginning to look like a little shopping mall, with the studio, then the grocery store, Richard’s tractor shop… (I keep telling him the store is not big enough, he will have to vacate the tractor shop. He’s not budging…lol). So it is becoming more and more of a little home and garden setting. We can plant you a tree, paint a pretty picture, show you how to paint one, and cook your supper too. Watch for more pics being posted on the site. Until then….

Happy painting


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