January 2007

Things have really changed a lot in a year!!! WOW!!!

Richard & I got married on January 28th of 2006! In May we sold the nursery, and decided to move to north Alabama. The Lord has been with us the whole way, because it sure has been a whirlwind! LOL we bought the house in Ider, Alabama in May. Since moving up here, we have remodeled the house, landscaped the outside, erected a windmill, built a greenhouse (yes Richard had to have a greenhouse). Most of the neighbors think we are crazy, of course we have lots of references in Florida about that! lol

Since we have settled in we have found lots of fun things to do up here, like flea markets, auctions, yard sales, and of course dumpsters (much to Richard’s dismay) . So in self-defense we are opening up a store. Because while I now have a large house, we are finding more treasures than I have room for! lol So if we have a store, I can share treasures, right??

If you are in the area, hope you stop by, things are always changing, something always new, different, interesting. Check back with us, as we get settled in, we will post new things here.

Keep warm, snuggle tight

Darliene & Richard

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