January 2012

As we come into 2012, it is a turbulent year… folks running for president, promising things… that we know they won’t do. The evening news is to say the least depressing. So how can we combat all that??

Come pick up a paint brush and get connected. You can loose an afternoon or a day with a canvas, paint brush and paint. If it’s cold the heater is a cracklin’ with a warm fire, or as things heat up in the summer there’s an air conditioner to keep up cool!! We can loose our cares and worries at least for a day.

What to paint?? All the latest books and magazines with fresh ideas are just waiting for you to turn the pages. If you have a special photo you would like to work from, we can certainly do that!!

We had 6 ladies to enter paintings into the fair. We had one best of show. Six blue ribbons, four red (second place), 2 white (third place). So congrats!! to all the ladies who placed. I think we made a good showing!!

So drop by for a cup of coffee, or hot chocolate and let’s talk paint!!
There’s a seat just waiting for you!!
from one incurable painter…. to another….
Darliene Carter

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